Four years ago, when I was an undergrad and played Doki Doki Literature Club. Deeply moved by her words, I went out to make a Pacman packaging script for a Monika fortune mod. So that any time I type fortune monika, a paragraph of Monika’s talk appears.

The packaging script grabbed from the repository of a fan-made mod Monika After Story – they kept a copy of the original game’s dialog in that chapter. During the years they have changed the file structure, and is no longer including the code verbatim in the master branch, but the file is still accessible.

According to Team Salvato, DDLC’s developer IP guideline, MAS can host the code because it is used for a mod of the game. Also, the packaging script is neither written by them nor for sale. Therefore, it seemed to be compliant so far.

Anyways, allow me to randomly choose some of them and share my thoughts now, four years later. And there are a whole bunch of sayings out there. And Monika After Story has been expanding it – how exciting it is! I imagine one day the fortune mod will include those new words of wisdom as well.

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