A month or two ago, this game gained its fame through an unexpected way. In reply to an review criticizing the depiction being bad of how lovey dovey the duo are, the developer said: that’s because … well … I myself haven’t had a girlfriend.

Personally I feel a little sad for him. Although I might not be entitled to do so, since I am still single myself (fortunately I’m not too bothered by it). And also for his game. From now on when people talks about Tiny Snow, it will always be “that game made by the poor beta male” rather than “a kawaii game, but tries to cover some serious topics”, while the latter somehow better describe this game as a game.

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Memories, Off

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The title of this post refers to the galgame series produced by the once existing KID, though there is no obvious relevance between the game and this article(though the protagonist in Yubikiri no Kioku does have a memory loss and mistakes himself for someone else). By the way, an eighth installment of it is near its publication by MAGES, the franchise’s now owner, along with GloriaWorks. It was once decided to be a homage to one of the songs of Jin’s Kagerou Project, but you are not seeing it here because I forgot that and went for this one.

This article contains spoilers, which may harm or even completely ruin your playing or reading experience of the works, including but not limited to:

Game Shichinen go de Matteiru (waiting for you seven years later), fumi_md Lightnovel Tosho Meikyuu (the labyrinth of book), Juuji Shizuka, Shirabi Lightnovel Boku no Shiranai Rabukome (the love comedies I don’t know), Kashimoto Tsubame, Pyon-Kti Lightnovel Owari no Album (album of the end), Sugii Hikari

Note the pen names are kept as is: their surnames – if those could be called surnames – sits before their names. Make sure before reading on.

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This article contains spoilers, which may harm or even completely ruin your playing experience of the games, including but not limited to: Doki Doki Literature Club!

Proceed at your own risk.

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